18 Dec 2023

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'Wormhole China' Receives Contributor Grant from Wormhole Foundation


We are delighted to announce that Wormhole China has been awarded a Contributor grant. This collaboration is set to amplify Wormhole's reach within Chinese-speaking communities, creating opportunities to grow developer community, education, and events in China.

Who is Wormhole China?

Wormhole China is now the official Chinese community building team for Wormhole, dedicated to providing the latest information, comprehensive community education, and robust support to the Chinese community. Their mission is to empower Chinese builders and users with a deep understanding of Wormhole's infrastructure, product series, and its broader ecosystem.

With six years of industry experience, the Wormhole China team has excelled in community engagement and operations, possessing a deep understanding of the Asian blockchain landscape. Over the past five years, Wormhole China has published over 1000 articles, reached more than 5 million readers, and organized over 150 events both online and on the ground in China.

Wormhole China's Role and Goals

Wormhole China’s primary goal is to serve as a bridge that connects Wormhole with the Chinese blockchain ecosystem, advocating for cross-chain interoperability among Chinese communities. Wormhole China’s activities include content curation, event hosting, and aiding builders and projects in securing support from the Wormhole Foundation, such as project incubation, technical support, and grants.

Through Wormhole China, the Chinese community can:

  • Stay updated with Wormhole's latest developments.
  • Engage in the Wormhole community and participate in events.
  • Collaborate with Wormhole contributors during weekly office hours.
  • Learn about Wormhole technology and receive various forms of support.

About Wormhole China

Wormhole China is a professional team of community builders, committed to expanding Wormhole's footprint in the Chinese blockchain ecosystem. Their mission is to ensure that Chinese users have easy access to and can fully utilize Wormhole's solutions and technology. They are dedicated to providing necessary resources and assistance to builders and projects in the ecosystem.

Follow Wormhole China on WeChat (ID: wormholechina) and Twitter, or reach out to them at [email protected] for more information.

About Wormhole Foundation

The Wormhole Foundation is the steward of Wormhole - the world's first generalized messaging protocol. Our mission is to empower passionate people in the research and development of blockchain interoperability technologies. Through grants, research, and ecosystem programs, we support teams in building secure, open-source, and decentralized products within the Wormhole ecosystem.

Stay updated with our mission by following us on Twitter or contact us at [email protected].

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