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the web of Web3

The Wormhole Foundation is dedicated to supporting open-source, decentralized technologies that securely and seamlessly connect Web3.

We are stewards of Wormhole, the world’s first generalized messaging protocol.

Wormhole Foundation

Our mission is to empower passionate people in the research and development of blockchain interoperability technologies. We support teams building secure, open-source, and decentralized products within the Wormhole ecosystem.

We offer grants, research, and ecosystem programs to help a decentralized community of individuals and teams build the connective fabric of the new web.


Wormhole is an infrastructure platform composed of modular, open-source technologies that enable the secure transfer of data between networks.

Wormhole was rated the #1 cross-chain messaging protocol in a comprehensive security report executed by Uniswap’s Bridge Assessment Committee’s security experts over several months.

Wormhole Messaging is a decentralized messaging protocol for blockchain developers to securely and easily enable the flow of information and value with other networks.

The modular, open-source protocol allows developers to tailor the tooling to their chain or app’s needs. Learn more about building with products in the Wormhole stack.

At the core of Wormhole, the Guardians are a decentralized network of 19 world-class validator nodes that monitor each supported blockchain for messages and produce verifiable attestations for messages to be delivered to their destination.


Wormhole Security

At the Wormhole Foundation, ensuring security is our guiding principle. Our operations, decision-making, and ecosystem technologies are underpinned by an unwavering commitment to best-in-class security practices.

Learn more about Wormhole’s security practices, including continuous audits, safety features, and secure network architecture.

Bug Bounty

Wormhole Foundation hosts one of the largest bug bounty programs in all of software development. To date, the WF has paid out several bug bounties and is committed to ongoing engagement with the white hat community.

Our Immunefi bounty offers up to $2.5 million for significant security contributions.



The Wormhole Foundation’s xGrant Program funds open-source software development and research focused on cross-chain protocols and applications.

Ecosystem Fund

Borderless Capital has launched a $50 million fund to usher in the next generation of Web3 applications building with Wormhole’s technologies. Apply now.

Wormhole Base Camp Accelerator

Wormhole Base Camp is a 12-week accelerator program for startups looking to build projects, protocols, or companies that utilize Wormhole. The program is run by Outlier Ventures and participating teams will receive up to $200K USD in funding. Learn more or apply today.

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For general inquiries to the WF, contact us at [email protected].

For teams interested in building with Wormhole, please submit this form.